Probate Division

The Probate Division’s functions include the supervision of estates for those who have died, become disabled, and related affairs of a minor. The following cases are handled in Probate Court:

  • The administration of the property of a deceased person.
  • The administration of personal and financial affairs for any individual suffering from extreme mental and/or physical disabilities.
  • The supervision of the financial affairs of someone under eighteen years of age.



(618) 498-5571

Karen ext. 162

Covid-19 Response

Appearances shall be limited to attorneys and parties only. Any cases wherein an attorney can appear for a client while accomplishing a productive hearing shall be so held. The court is following health and safety protocols set by the Illinois Supreme Court and state and local health departments.

The Office of the Jersey County Circuit Court Clerk is available to take payments by mail, online, or an after-hours drop-box by the Courthouse door. Please call our office for further information.

ATTENTION: Cell phones are now permitted in the Courthouse. However, I am asking you to please silence all notification ALARMS. Please keep all distractions out of the courtroom. Thank you for your cooperation.